Smoky Quartz aids concentration and assists in communication. Adding a Smoky Quartz will amplify the energy and intention of a grid or any healing work because it helps enhance the connection with the Divine. Use smoky quartz to bring an altered state of awareness which can promote lucid dreams. Program smoky quartz for meditations and scrying. When used in a 3rd Eye meditation it can help you clearly see what is blocking you while it balances your chakras! #smokyquartz #theperfectchristmaspresent #3rdeyegifts
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This is the stone to have with you while going through life transformations that require strength and perseverance. Labradorite balances and protects the aura while grounding your energy. It raises consciousness while revealing the truth behind the illusions. It strengthens your faith in yourself, allowing trust in the universe. Use Labradorite to protect you from negative influences from unseen sources. #labradoritesphere #crystalball #labradoriteball #3rdeyegifts
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Carnelian pendulum is a calming stone that is beneficial when used in meditation. This pendulum is also great for opening the sacral chakra. This is for 1 pendulum.
Carnelian is a form of agate that works primarily with the Sacral Chakra. It is a calming stone that is beneficial when used in meditation. It can balance and clear your Sacral Chakra that will bring awareness of what your soul is saying. Carnelian can boost creativity and will enhance courage while grounding your energy back to the earth, helping to focus on the unconditional love of the universe! #Carnelian can dispel anger and will allow you to see what inspires your soul. #pendulums #carnelianpendulums #whatdoesthependulumsay #3rdeyegifts
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Rainbow fluorite pyramid is perfect for clearing and stabilizing the aura. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, enhancing self-confidence allowing good decision-making. It encourages positivity because it balances and alignes the chakras. The perfect stone for athletes since it improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally. #fluorite #fluoritepryamid #crystalpryamid #perfectchristmaspresent #3rdeyegifts
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Rose Quartz wand is the perfect stone to help you remember that you are LOVE! It can be used to activate the aura and the higher heart chakra to intensify meditation. Rose Quartz wand is an extremely gentle vibration stone and is often called the “Heart Stone” It encourages self love, self confidence, self forgiveness since it invokes self worth. When you trust yourself and know your worth you allow the universal love to flow into you and the world will notice.
Use rose quartz to help rebuild trust and harmony in damaged relationships since it purifies and opens the heart chakra. Use it to clear energetic damage and debris from past relationships which will benefit new relationships.
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A Lemurian Quartz is said to hold the ancient wisdom from the Lemurians. They are easily identified by the lines or striations on 1 or multiple sides of the stone. Legend holds that the Lemurians encoded these stones and “seeded” around the planet. This is why they are referred to as Lemurian Seed Crystals or Star Crystals. These crystals were programmed with messages of oneness and healing. It is said that if you rub your finger along the striations, you will receive a download of information from the Ancient Lemurians.
This Quartz Healing Wand is beautiful and its energy is incredible! Lemurian Quartz may be used for meditations, scrying, healing, chakra cleansing and balancing and aura clearing. This crystal is perfect as a Master Healing Crystal or for use in Healing and Reiki grids. Generators help us to connect to our higher self and to The Holy Spirit. When used in a 3rd Eye meditation it can help you clearly see what is blocking you!
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This Pyrite Orgonite contains a pyrite nugget that is often used as a protection stone against negative energy and vibrations. Adding Copper to the piece amplifies the protective qualities that amplify the emotional healing that pyrite can offer.
Pyrite is often called “Fools Gold”. It is used to manifest monetary prosperity and maintain it. Pyrite is a ruler of logical thought and psychic development. It can help you recall important information and enhances memory. Pyrite will help see beyond words allowing you to see the true meaning behind one’s actions.
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