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I have had an incredible lesson in trust. It amazes me that I didn’t see it before. I was so caught up in being angry because it didn’t go the way I wanted. I could not see the writing so clearly written on the wall. Trust is a 2 way street.. This is a street that should be tended to and well maintained. Once trust is broken, if repair is not done immediately, a hole forms. If that hole is not repaired, it gets larger and larger and pretty soon you have a sink hole and weeds everywhere.
That is what happened to me. Mediumship is not an exact science. All of the information that I receive and pass on is a culmination of many hours in mediation and study. I have worked with my guides extensively, working out pictures and symbols. Feelings and sensations of physical symptoms. Hours in meditation getting to know them and asking how I can serve God. Days reading, some lazy and some intense, studying other mediums. I spent hours learning ethics and practicing with other mediums that encouraged me to share my gift with others! So I expect that when my guides give me information it is correct. In return, they expect me to uphold the commitment that I have made with them, to help anyone that comes to my door, with discernment, of course. Discernment… that is the moral of this story!
And then one day, I walked into that sink hole, landed face first and was left laying there with all of my nerve endings exposed. Anger overwhelmed me and left me screaming, “Why me?” (And a few other choice words that I won’t repeat here.) The more I dug, the deeper I got, the more exposed I became and the less I was able to see. I felt abandoned and betrayed. I kept saying, “I have done everything you ask of me, why are you doing this? I feel so alone and I can’t feel you anymore.” I kept digging and continued moving farther and farther away from my Guides and The Holy Spirit.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Always sage advice! Sometimes you have to wash more than once to get all the crap off! That was where I landed, washing and repeating. If I had only looked at myself 1st I would have figured out long ago that I was the problem. But of course, it is easier to put the blame somewhere else, so that is what I did. They gave me everything I needed to figure it out. And when I didn’t figure it out, they presented the same challenge in a different package …Which only made me more angry and alone. (Stubbornness is not something that I am proud of.)
So finally after 3 weeks, I finally understand. I wanted the healing so badly for someone that I love dearly that I didn’t see what her actions were telling me. Her words said one thing, but her actions told a different story. My Guides have always told me, “People can and will say anything, especially if they think it will make you happy, but to know how they truly feel and what they truly want, you have to look at their actions!” I forgot this very basic principle. And I have suffered and learned. What good is suffering if you don’t get the message! Somehow, it seems worth it!
My goal is now to examine myself, fully, completely and with love. Peel back the layers and change the things that I do not like about myself. Knowing that every lesson that I have, begins and ends with TRUST!

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I took this picture on the way to the hospital and thought it was a perfect Beginning to an amazing story

As a Medium and Reiki Master, I give a lot of significance to dreams. I know that our guides will sometimes use our dreams as a method of communication to us. We don’t always listen in a waking state, so they have to use any way they can to communicate and I kept having dreams of being pregnant. I knew that was not possible, and I started questioning them. After the 4th dream, I ask my guides what in the world they had to tell me, enough was enough. The answer came loud and clear, Pregnant with Possibilities! Really, really, all these dreams for that?? Yes REALLY! I still was not sure exactly what that meant so I ask them to bring me the people that I could help, and the story begins there.
A client of mine, Laura was pregnant. She was a very special client because during a reading months before I could feel a new child coming in soon. Soon, as in I felt like she could already be pregnant and I told her that. The next day she took a pregnancy test that had a faint positive, therefore she did not trust it. A few days later she took another test that came back with an emphatic positive! Talk about a huge sigh of relief on my part.
In the beginning of her pregnancy I approached her about doing Reiki toward the end and possibly during labor. She agreed to be my guinea pig after I told her about my other experiences with Reiki during labor. A few months later, at the end of her pregnancy, I see her posting on a networking site about how uncomfortable she is so I again reached out reminding her of the agreement we had made.
We made an appointment for the next week and I went to her house. At this time she was about 38 1/2 weeks, very pregnant and very uncomfortable. She was having hip pain, restless nights and difficulty moving around in general. We did Reiki for about an hour and afterward she felt wonderful! She couldn’t believe that she could walk without pain.
The day before her due date I went back over for another treatment. About 40 minutes into the treatment, she started having contractions. Laura thought they were Braxton Hicks since they didn’t hurt. Instinct told me that this could be the real thing.
So she called her husband, went to the doctor and I went home to wait……
A few hours later she called to tell me she was on her way to the hospital. When I got there I found a smiling mother and father to be walking the halls. Laura again commented that she could not believe she was really in labor because she was in no pain.
Several hours later, after a full day of Reiki, her water was broken and she delivered a healthy happy baby girl with minimal pain and 5 pushes!
Laura was kind enough to write a review of her experience and I have included it below:
I had a wonderful experience giving birth because of Diana and I wanted to share with you all in case you are looking for a little extra help giving birth, are concerned your baby isn’t in position, or just want some extra care to your baby before he or she is born.

Diana came to my house to perform some Reiki on me a day before my due date to make sure things were looking good, that the baby was still in position, and that both the baby and my body knew what they were supposed to do to give birth. After an hour of the Reiki, I began to have contractions that were painless and all under seven minutes apart. This was shocking to me as I had no indication I was anywhere close to giving birth besides how close my due date was. Very few Braxton Hicks, no pain for a few weeks, etc. When Diana was performing Reiki, they were closer than when she took a break. I could not believe I could be in labor as I had no pain at all, but Diana convinced me to call my OB. I went in, my Dr. told me to walk around for a bit and call if I got any pain. I did, and about 1.5 hours later, I had a bit of back pain. I was told to go to the hospital, where they checked me out, saw that I had progressed in the past couple of hours, and admitted me.

Diana came to see me in the hospital right away, continuing to perform Reiki on me. My pain at this point was minimal. I felt it, but it was manageable and easy to endure. I decided to get an epidural just in case things got worse (mostly because I’m a chicken!), and she made sure that this didn’t slow down my progression. My water was broken not much later by the OB, and within a half hour, with Reiki still being performed, I went from 5 cm and not effaced to 10 cm and totally effaced. During this time I had more pain even through the epidural, but it was manageable. Diana was great at taking me to a great place mentally that I could picture very well, which was surprising to me because I’m not very good at visualizing things normally. She then left right before I needed to push. My delivery was very easy, taking about 5 sets of 3 pushes each before my daughter was born.

This was a totally different experience than my previous birth, which was painful, confusing, and included lots of drugs and three hours of pushing. I know it was all because of Diana. She was able to put me into labor as well as help with my pain management and progression. I credit her with an easy labor and delivery. If any of you are worried about your baby’s position, looking for an easier birth, or would like some help with pain management, you should consider Diana. She is fabulous!

On a separate note, she also has helped me in other ways. She came by the week before I gave birth and did Reiki on an issue area on my breast that was acting up. I had mastitis in that one place three times when I was breastfeeding DS, and I could already feel it clogging up with all my colostrum (which I produced a ton of). She zapped it, and I have not had any weird feelings or problems there since. Diana also was the one who told me I was pregnant during one of her spooky nights. I was totally shocked because I had been off birth control for only a couple of weeks and had not really been trying. And best of all, she knew the temperment of DD from the beginning of my pregnancy. DS was a very fussy and difficult baby for me, and I was quite concerned DD would be that way too. But Diana knew that she’d be calm and more easy going, and she was totally correct. It’s been three weeks now, and DD is calm, a good sleeper, and overall an easy baby.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend her enough!

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A Soul’s Journey

We all have a Journey to take and every day we complete a little more of it. It is an adventure that does not always go as planned. If it were easy all the time, would you still be interested?

Where are you going? Who are you going to meet? Are you a better person for meeting them? Are they better from knowing you? Hopefully these are some of the topics that will be addressed in these Blogs.
I am Diana. I am a Reiki Master and Psychic Medium. My journey is to help people. I live my life in Servitude and I am so grateful that I have been called into service. How can I be of service to you?
Please take a few minutes to look at my website, http://www.freewebs.com as it will give you a more intimate picture of who I am.

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