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I have a Dream!

Yes I do. I have a Dream! You see, I was born on MLK’s birthday in 1973. This is really not significant as many people are born every day. However, there is a significance to me, that I have only recently accepted. I am a white woman that grew up in the south. I went to a mostly white school and most of my friends were white. It was not that I was racist, I just didn’t have exposure to many Black people. It was never a conversation in my home that I should not play with people of another color and with the innocence of a child, I accepted my world as right.

Last week my beautiful talented daughter preformed in a play about Martin Luther King and the struggles of African American people. As an adult I had learned about this in school and formed my own opinions based on my experiences. As a psychic medium, sometimes what we think is true, Spirit tells us is not. So sitting at this play I feel spirit moving next to me. And the next thing I know, I hear in my ear, “I wish they would recite the whole speech. They have lost the true meaning, they have perverted my intent!” Shaking my head, tears falling from my eyes, I realized that I had never heard or read the entire speech. So thanks to the Internet, I pulled up the speech and read it along with an audio version that I found. Again I find myself sitting here with tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart. Knowing that Martin Luther King was at that play prompting me, asking me if I had the courage to stand up and say, “I WILL WALK”
After reading the speech, and opening my heart, I know that MLK was NOT only speaking to African Americans, he was speaking to white people too, asking them to let go of their hatred and bigotry. His dream was that white people and black people would open their hearts to see the other as a beautiful soul and walk side by side helping one another. He was not saying to the AA that you have been wronged against so behave any way you choose. He ask the white people to judge AA on the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER. What a profound statement… JUDGE ME ON MY CHARACTER, NOT THE COLOR OF MY SKIN. And what has become of that statement, largely because we have not read the entire speech is I will behave anyway I choose because of all that I have suffered. This statement is also sent to white people.
Affirmative Action even had a pure intent, that has now been pervert beyond anything conceivable. Legally, if a white person is more qualified, he may not get the job, so he is now being judged by his skin color and not the CONTENT OF HIS QUALIFICATIONS.
Here is part of the speech that I found especially profound:
But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.
The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.

MLK asks us to accept accountability for our actions. He ask that ALL people stop the hate and bitterness, he ask us to be accountable for our actions and against all physical forces, love with all of your heart!

Love, that is what what MLK taught. He knew that we are all connect to each other, that we are all supposed to love each other, not based on the color of our skin, but based on the CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER.
So yes, I HAVE A DREAM. That we as beautiful soul beings will start behaving in a helpful, loving way, no matter what color someones skin is, and help human kind live in their glory. That the AA community will embrace what was taught in its entirety and not a select few lines. MLK taught of lifting up our brothers and sister, not turning part of his speech and principles into unspoken rights or permissions for the AA community to live in a world of entitlement for what they have not earned. If you want to be judged on the content of your character, you must first behave in a way that MLK will be proud of.
Here is a link to the speech, please take a few minutes to open your heart and read the entire message!

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Unless you are not human, you have invisible cords connected to your aura and/or physical body. People have different names for the cords and use terms such as, attachments or bonds. Whatever you call them they are there. People who have experienced out of body mediation’sor near death experiences have reported seeing a silver cord connecting their spirit to their physical body. When a baby is born, it is connected to its mother by a cord.

The cords I am speaking about are the cords that keep us connected to an experience, event or people. They are invisible but there none the less. Even when we break from the physical person or event, sometimes we still hold on to the cord. Feeling that if we cut it, we loose the attachment or memory. While there are some cords that we want to keep, there are others that continue to cause us pain; physical and emotional. These are the ones that need to be let go of. While it would seem easy, sometimes it is not.
Recently, I have been feeling the need to let go of past issues. There was one event in my life that I knew still caused me tremendous pain and my guides told me that now was the time to let it go. While doing some spiritual work with a dear friend of mine I ask for her assistance with this. Not really understanding why only knowing that I should.
We went into meditation and she channeled the most helpful and powerful cord cutting I have ever experience. The results have been both physical and emotional. She has also been guided to channel healing Energetic Portals and I have included the link at the bottom of this message. If you do this meditation, please visit the Fire Portal for assistance and if you keep reading, you will understand why. Below is the mediation as I remember it:
We begin by calling in our guides, Arch Angels, Jesus, Mary and the Ascended Masters asking them for support and guidance. See yourself inside a circle of golden, purple fire. Open all of your Chakras and feel the healing light radiate throughout your entire being. Feeling the love and support from the other side and seeing yourself as a light being. Bring in the person or event that you need to separate from. Honestly tell them how you feel, release all attachment and forgive yourself and the event or person. Send the person or event love and ask that the fire burn away what no longer serves your higher self. Sending this healing back into past lives if you need to, sending it across time and space. When you feel you are finished, release the person from the circle. See yourself standing alone there, feeling the healing warmth of the fire and allowing the cord to that event or person to be burned. When you are ready, see the flames lowering knowing that you are safe and supported.
This can be a very short meditation or it can be as long as you need it. You can even do multiple events!
After doing this meditation I have had various physical and emotional symptoms. My spirit feels very light and free but my body physically hurts where the cords were burned away. I am having hot and cold spells although my temperature has remained normal. I am extremely thirsty and feel no desire to eat. My lungs feel clear, yet I have a mild cough. My nose is running but my sinuses feel clear and I have a mild headache, much like the common cold, but at the same time I don’t feel sick. I have a burning down my esophagus like I could vomit but my body does not have to. While I am having physical symptoms, at the same time, I am not. I understand that this does not make a lot of sense, however, this is how I am feeling and I know it is because of all of the events and people that I have been releasing! It feels wonderful and crappy at the same time!!!!
I hope that you use this meditation and that it helps you as much as it has me!! Enjoy!
Please take a moment to visit the website of Linda Backes for the Fire Portal:
I wanted to update everyone on the past week since I have done this cord cutting… After speaking with Linda and describing my ongoing symptoms she thought to herself that this could not be right for them to last so long… After her meditation she called and told me that I was not finished but that she was not to help as this was a lesson for me to figure out… **big sigh** Thanks Spirit… so off I went into meditation… only to discover that while I had cut the cord to this event, someone was still connected to it… This was a 3 way cord from the event to me to this other person back to the event. Because I was still connected to the person, the cord was not completely severed. So I contacted the person and ask if they were willing to “Go There” with me… Thankfully They were agreeable….
After a long conversation filling in the blanks of things that I didn’t know, we went into meditation and severed their cord to the event! HHUUUUUHHHHH sweet relief! It was severed and healing balm was placed on both of our connect points. We reinforced our connection and the results have been miraculous!

Thank you Linda for helping me figure this out.

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I am always amazed when I hear Spiritual people trying to mask their true emotions or pretend that they have no emotions at all. Or worse yet deny any negative emotion! They show happiness all the time on the outside but you never really know how they feel on the inside…. How is it that you get to that point? No emotions, no attachments, no anger, no “negative” emotion at all??? REALLY???? How??? And the bigger question is WHY? Why would you deny how you truly feel? If someone says something that hurts your feelings, you are entitled to feel any way that you do… We are after all humans. We made a choice to come here! And in coming here, we also made a choice to have emotions. Negative emotions have their place just as positive emotions. As a matter of fact, I feel like we learn more valuable lessons from the negative emotions.

Before we come here we know what lessons we need to learn.
I have even hear people say “Stop spinning the story” What they are really saying is, “Your story is not important. I can’t deal with your negative emotions” Your negative emotions remind them that they are trying to cover up their own! The story is important, especially if it is your story! There is healing in the story, so don’t place judgment on the story, focus on how you can help heal the story! The lesson is IN THE STORY!
As Spiritual people, how can we help anyone else if we hide our emotions behind happiness? Our own “misery” helps others deal with their story.
Masking your emotions is hiding! When you forget how important “negative” emotions are then you have stopped growing and learning.. Why are you still on the earth plane if you don’t want to grow anymore?
It is only when those negative emotions over run your life and you close yourself off to others and to love that you know you have disconnected from Source. Shutting down causes separation, anger, depression and even hatred. At this point, nothing will make you happy so spinning a story is all you have left! But even then, once you have heard the story and have a better understanding of where the pain is coming from, hopefully you will be able to help guide them back to God Light! And that’s what its all about… People will relate to you when you are on their level… Masking your emotions can place you in a position of ego. When your portray yourself as completely enlightened you are placing yourself above the common people. And at that point, you have lost touch with your human side.
Love and happiness are wonderful feelings but they are not the only feelings. Everything has balance, even our emotions… For every feeling of happiness, there is sadness. If you have never had extreme sadness, you can not experience complete happiness.
Get back into the classroom called earth and experience LIFE with all its emotions!

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I woke from a dream last night. I first met a man who was trying to get a boat into the water. The whole thing played out like a movie. At first I didn’t like the man. And he really bumbled getting the boat into the water. As the “movie” played out there was one scene where I wanted to drive his very large 4 wheel drive truck and I couldn’t get it out of the woods. I went forward and almost went down a very rocky slope, huge boulders everywhere. When I thought all was lost, in jumps the hero and stops the truck! The entire dream had a theme of fun and excitement, really living life! Swimming, playing, laughing and adventure!

As I sit here thinking of this scene, it takes me back to my childhood… Oh the days of 4 wheeling, motorcycle riding, tractor pulls, biker parties, Daytona Bike Week and mud bogging!! If you don’t understand “redneck-eze” I will explain: Mud bogging is when you take your 4 wheel drive, rail dune buggy or anything else you can get through and drive it full speed through a huge mud bog… You compete against someone else and whoever makes it out 1st wins! After the “races” are over, you are free to join into the Mud Wrestling!! (As I write this I fully understand how redneck this all is! Perfect cause I am from a little redneck town in Georgia!) Tractor pulls are in this same vein. You get a tractor and load it with weights that gradually move up the back of a trailer and see how far you can pull it. Afterwards, the monster trucks would smash cars… Now all of this was before monster trucks became so commercial! Back then it was raw fun!

Even thinking about these events gets my blood racing! The excitement and the fun! And no event was complete until someone poured beer on you! We usually got home when the sun was coming up! Those were the days!

My Dad is a Biker, through and through, and when I was small I wanted to be just like him! Everything he did was exciting, target shooting, hunting, working on trucks. We always had 4 wheel drive trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes and of course guns and at one point we even had a purple dune buggy and a rail buggy! From a young age I could use all of the above. He got me my 1st BB gun when I was 5, my 1st dirt bike when I was 9 and when I was 12 he told me that if I could figure out how to drive the dune buggy (a stick shift) I could have it… Of course he didn’t count on me figuring it out and it was never mine. A few years ago, fondly remembering those days, I bought myself a dune buggy and my children get a little taste of how I grew up!

Those days offer an honesty that is rare these days.

Which brings me to the point of this writing, balance. Yes you can fully enjoy living in the moment and be who you are, NO MATTER WHO THAT IS and still be of service! The days of wild parties are long gone, replaces with the calm and serenity of servitude. All that I do is in service to God, spreading the word that God lives in us and is not a separate entity. I teach this to my children hoping that they will shine so brightly that people will accept them even in the heart of the “Bible Belt”. We balance our spiritual lives with the fun and excitement of good ole fashion motorcycle riding and dune buggy racing…. Just being kids, knowing that one day, they will look at their mother knowing that she was able to balance a spiritual side with a reckless, wild abandon that will indeed on day set us free!

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