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From What you may ask…. A LOT that can not be seen with our physical eyes! By now most of you have heard about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children…. The is a wealth of information on the internet so I will not repeat it here. My goal is to help psychically protect these precious beings of pure light! We protect the homes they sleep in, protect them from the weather, protect their bodies with good food but forget about their Aura’s! Most people pay little attention to their aura…. When ask to describe an aura I usually tell people that our Spirit is so large that our physical body can not hold it all and our aura is the “spill over”.

I have at least 1 phone call per week from a parent telling me that their child is having nightmares or that has sensory overload when in public. Most recently with older children I am hearing of relentless bullying of these “connected” children! It outrages me! As a mother of an Indigo and a Crystal child, and being an Indigo myself, my job is to protect…I am a Spirit Warrior and Mama bear comes out, but there is little that I can do since the schools have to be so PC and very little contact is made with the parent of the Bully child! The following information will help you protect your babies from what you can not see…
Grounding…. Very different from taking away TV..LOL
I can not stress this enough! It is a very simple process that needs to be done everyday. These children seem to “float” above us with their head in the clouds all the time… They are wide open for new experiences at all times… But they live on earth and have a very important job to do. Their mission is Love and understanding; to help us remember the Spirit in us all! Left to their own devises their feet would never touch ground. So to connect them back to the earth plane they need to get their bare feet in the dirt. Even if you take them on a walk around the yard showing them the different flowers that are planted or better yet, plant a garden with them!! I visualize with my children… Children love to pretend so we pretend that we are trees!! We feel our feet growing deep into the earth, arms stretched out, swaying back and forth with the wind. Releasing anything negative into the earth and sucking in the Bright Light of God’s Love! Filling us with the Love we need to help others. Where there is Light, darkness (negativity) can not live.
Because of my work as a Psychic Medium, I regularly meditate and release not only my “stuff” but other people’s stuff too! I have a meditation tree and have taught my children how to use it… We sit under it on the hammock and discuss any issue they may have, I mentally wrap the issues into a ball and give it to the tree! The smallest connection with the earth will help them come back down..
Aura Protection
My children and I call this “Our Invisible Force Field”. Every day before we go out we put this on…. No matter what! Just like any fabulous Super Hero… After all, they would not be called Super if they did not have special protection abilities. Kids have seen enough TV to fully understand this concept so it seems the easiest to use. Before we go to sleep, we put our Force Field over ourselves and extend it around our other family members and then our home… You can even extend it to extended family or friends that do not live with you.
Wrap your babies in a protective Bubble of Love! I tell my babies that my love wraps all the way around them! When we 1st started this exercise I would take bubbles and blow them around them and then ask them to imagine what it would be like if they were a bubble floating around.. Then I would ask them to see that bubble wrapping around them and not popping. Once the bubble is on, it only needs to be reinforced daily.
Now that my babies are older and they have a good understanding of their aura, I tell them to zip it up like a sleeping bag. Seeing themselves tucked down deep so the zipper closes around their head.
Any of these protections will work and you can even make up your own… For example I have a friend with a 2 yr old. He loves Thomas the Train so every night she tells him to go into the tunnel and close it up. The point is, to put some kind of protective barrier around your child’s Aura.
How is it that Bullies always know what button to push for each child? It amazes me that their parents are oblivious! But most people have shut down their Spiritual side and have trouble recognizing negative traits in their children.. They strive to be perfect and project that image onto their children, refusing to see how easily children will be influenced by other children. We have become a society living in denial! And our children are a direct reflection of us; if our children are not well behaved, it means we are bad. This is not true! Your children are their own people with their own Spiritual paths to follow! Our job is to help them walk it, not deny their Spiritual needs. It seems to me that most parents are out of touch with their own Spirituality that there is no way they can help their kids. And lets not mistake Spirituality with Religion… just because you go to church does not mean you are in touch with your true Spirit!
While there is not much you can do about the other child, there is A LOT you can do to protect your child. The following techniques are some that I have used with my children and with negative people in my life.
The first thing I tell my child is to ground and protect. Once that is done we focus on bringing God’s Love and Light into our body, knowing that we amazing Beings of Love; Free to create our own reality! Visualize the negative person on the outside of our aura. Put mirrors around your aura with the intent that the bully see how their behavior is having a negative effect. Then see yourself moving far away from the bully. I have seen them on a boat, on top of a mountain, in another country. Again, this is a personal preference visualization so use what works best for you or your child. The goal is to get the bully’s energy out of your energy. While you can visualize this FOR your child, your child also has to be able to do it for themselves. Knowledge is the key!
If you think that your child is an Indigo, Crystal or a Rainbow child, please research what this means. I hope that this has offered some comfort and insight.
Peace and Happiness!

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