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You are not forgotten

In July I wrote a blog about my history and the fact that I still had both of my Great Grandmothers. It is with a heavy heart that I now write that I have lost them both. On September 22 my 99 yr old Great Grandmother Fleda Dobbs passed. As a medium, I went in to make sure that she had completed her transition and crossed to The Other Side… Thankfully, she happily went! I was full of energy and over joyed as I was picking up her feelings….
The next day, September 23 my other Great Grandmother Annie Clack passed. Unfortunately, while her passing was quick and easy, I wasn’t able to see her. That sometimes happens, a soul sees the light but chooses for awhile to stay with family. And that is OK… However, that was not the case here…. In the July post I reported that Annie Clack was an ordained minister. She completely believed everything the bible told her and that did her no favors when she passed…
So I gave her a few days to contact me and when she didn’t I went looking for her. I found her in the dark. She recognized me immediately and ask what I was doing there and I told her I had come to help her to Heaven.. I ask her the same question and she told me that should couldn’t leave her body because she needed it for when Jesus came to get her. That is what she had always been told… To take care of her body, it is her temple and when Jesus comes back for the Rapture her body would be renewed! OMG seriously…. So I told her to come with me. She was still walking hunched over like an old lady. I told her that she was free of her body now and there was no need to move so slowly. She said, “I have moved slowly for too long to go too fast now” LOL.
I finally got her into my “elevator” to take her to the tunnel and she kept asking for her body, insisting that she would need it…. I couldn’t get to the tunnel fast enough…LOL Once we got to the “top” I saw my Great Aunt Ceil and my Great Grandmother kept saying “Row, Row, Row, Row” I had no idea what she was talking about and when I ask her she only repeated, “Row”. My services were no longer needed and then I felt her disconnect from my “elevator”  and went into the tunnel.
The day of my Granny Clack’s funeral, Sunday Sept 26th, my Grandmother fell down a flight of stairs and was pretty badly injured… Thankfully even at 83 she didn’t break anything. But she was put into ICU because her heart rate would not stabilize. So on Tuesday I went to GA to help take care of my Papa and be with Meme…They had both just lost their mothers and now Meme was in the hospital… She was doing OK but I still felt the need to be with my family… While talking to my Meme I told her about my experience with Granny Clack and Meme said, “Well she did always say she wasn’t leaving until Jesus came to get her for the Rapture” I said, “Well Jesus didn’t show up for the Rapture so I went and found her, but I am confused about something. Once I got her to the Light, she kept saying ‘Row’. Do you know what that means?” Meme looked at me with amazement and said, “Rowe was her husbands name!” Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. I would have never in a million years known what she was talking about! As Great Grandchildren we don’t always know the full names of our great grandparents… I didn’t know him well so I hardly referred to him, and everyone else called him Papa Clack. But it was fabulous confirmation to what I saw, heard and felt!
I am so relieved that I could help my Granny Clack cross into the Light, but I am very upset that her beliefs almost prevented her from crossing…. Thank God we have a MEDIUM in the family!

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