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Crystals…. Oh how I love you! I carry you with me every day! You make me feel loved and protected… Most mostly, you help me to ground! I feel connected to the earth whenever I carry you in my pocket…

Since I was a small child I have loved to collect rocks… Pretty rocks, odd shaped rocks, just about any kind of rock that felt cool in my hand! But my favorite have always been the ones shaped like hearts! How can you not just love a small reminder from God of his infinite love for you? Just a simple reminder that you are ADORED! Each stone is special and carries its own unique vibration if you take the time to feel the love it has.

The Quartz in the picture, I feel, was a gift from a friend that has crossed into Spirit. It was about 6 months after his passing and we took a trip to the mountains. We stopped at a place call Linville Falls, NC for the tour. Inside the gift shop I saw this stone laying on its side. No matter where I went in the store, my eye kept coming back to this incredible stone. So I finally ask the clerk if I could hold it! Wow! I felt such an intense vibration run right through me and I knew I had to have this incredible stone! So I ask for the price and was further blown away! A stone this size would normally go for about $150 based on the weight of over 3 pounds. To my surprise it was only $40. I knew it was meant to be! My friend will forever be in my heart, always sending me reminders of his enormous love!

Right now, my most used stone is a piece of Elestial Quartz with a gold vein ┬áthat my son and I found at our favorite horse barn. We didn’t notice the gold until we got the stone home and were using it in a Reiki Share. It is a magnificent stone! The vibration is one of peace and protection and it gives a feeling that anything is possible! The gold reminds me that even when you feel like you are surrounded by “rocks” you can still shine! What a beautiful message…. One that I don’t want to forget! With the price of gold right now I could probably make a nice sum of money… but the money could never equal the feeling this stone leaves me with.

So what is your favorite stone? How do you use crystals and minerals help you?

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