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This is a beautiful Smokey Quartz that I have for sale in my store. I absolutely love this egg… (who am I kidding, I love all my crystals) and you can tell how much I love it by the way it feels… The crystal just vibrates positive energy and protection! Smokey Quartz is a must have in any collection of crystals and it has many metaphysical uses and healing qualities.

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone that will  Transmute negativity or negative energy allowing you to clearly see what you want and what you want to achieve. It is a must have in the office for concentration and fostering creativity.
This stone is incredibly Calming can be used to calm panic attacks!  If you will be in a high stress situation, this is the must have stone. It will bring you into harmony and can  calm others around you!  Making this stone valuable as a  Protection amulet that may be used as a shield to ward off psychic attack.
One of my favorite uses for this stone is during meditation as it can clear the mind for clearer understanding and gently release any negative thoughts that may arise. While in meditation you can focus on your Relationships and it will enhance them clearing emotional debris and releasing fear. In addition, Smokey Quartz can also help you to ground and protect during meditation.

Medical Uses (Information contained here does not negate medical advice but may enhance medical treatment.)

Smokey Quartz works with the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra so it is very effective when used for menstrual cramps, lower back pain,  digestion, hip pain and leg cramps.  Smokey Quartz will benefit the reproductive system, the heart, muscles and nerve tissue allowing you to release any negative energy that may be trapped there. For quick relief, add your smokey quartz  to your sea salt bath. It will instantly charge the water with wonderful vibrations!

How to clean and care for your Smokey Quartz:

Since Smokey Quartz is a hard crystal the best way to cleanse it is with a saltwater bath. I recommend sea salt but I have used Kosher Salt in a pinch. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold and that you use filtered or distilled water if possible. Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for each cup of water and leave overnight. You may add more if you feel the need to do so, this is just a rough example.

Moon bathing is a wonderful way to recharge and energetically clear your stones. This works best during a full moon! Simply put outside and retrieve them the next morning. Be careful leaving Smokey Quartz in the sunlight for too long as it may fade.

For harder crystals, it is also Ok to simply cover them dry in salt and leave them over night. Rinse the next day and feel the love!

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My 1st boyfriend was named Tom Bivens. I met him when I was 14 and he was 16. To say that he was a bad kid would be an understatement. Was he horrible, Not at all…He played by a different set of rules and he lived somewhere in the middle between horrible and mischievous… And that would vary from day to day based on what the doctor said that week. If his blood work was in the safe range, he was just mischievous but if he had to be hospitalized you could count on some wild stunt like having his best friend break him out of the hospital! And you never really knew what he would come up with next! I think that is what made him the so exciting to me…  I believe his illness was what endeared him to my parents and allowed me a few hours of freedom to go riding in his car! That was a HUGE deal at 14!

Tom had Cystic Fibrosis. This is a serious illness even today with all of the advances in medicine but in the late 80’s early 90’s the life expectancy was about 18. If you lived past 18 it was a miracle.  I watched several times while Tom grieved the death of another friend  with CF. I will never forget the look in his eyes. I now realize that look meant that he was wondering how much longer he had before this illness suffocated him.

To say that I loved this boy would be an understatement. I adored EVERYTHING about him… He was cool, had a ton of friends, was kind but knew how to kick butt…. No One messed with Tom! EVER! He was kinda like the Bad Boy version of the “It” kid… he had it all going for him! What I loved most about him was that he made the very most out of ever day he lived…. I will never forget the day we were talking about a party he had attended the night before and he told me he had smoked too many cigarettes and had even had some pot. I was shocked and ask him why he would do that to his already fragile lungs. The playfulness left his eyes and a curtain of seriousness veiled his face, looking me dead in the eyes he said, “I have been told that I only had a year to live since I was 2 years old and every year I prove them wrong. So I plan on continuing to prove them wrong. If I only have a year left I am gonna live my life the way I want to. Fuck them, what do they know!” (I am writing this 25 years later and these words were so profound to me that I remember them almost verbatim!) As he lit up a cigarette to further prove his point!

As so often happens, young love did not last but we remained friends through the years and my love and admiration for him never died and I knew that he still loved me. It always seems that I would run into him at the worst times in either his life or mine. It was like God had placed us in each others path when we needed each other the most! I will never forget running into him at the local bar hours after his best friend had broken him out of the hospital yet again. His eyes were swollen and he was drunk. I told him he was a crazy fool and to get back to the hospital, knowing he wouldn’t go. His eyes pierced my soul and said that his best friend from CF camp had died and his mom didn’t tell him because he was in the hospital. He was pissed that he didn’t get to say goodbye or go to the funeral so Fuck them! That was Tom’s answer to anyone that tried to tell him to live better and take care of his lungs.

As most of you reading this blog know, I grew up in a biker family with biker parties and all that implies! I didn’t see Tom for a few years after the meeting in the bar. The next time I saw him was at a biker party. OMG that boy had not changed a bit! He was still hawt as hell and the leathers and Harley only increased his intensiveness! We talked the entire party catching up on life and loves and before we knew it the sun was coming up! (And before you dirty minds can take over, *Joe Dirt voice* nothin happened)  Tom and I had a Spiritual love that never developed into a physical love. After this party we started spending quite a lot of time together. He had settled down somewhat and his illness was under control for the most part. He had a good job working  for the county but he still did as he pleased. But something had changed in him. It seems that after he hit the age 20 mark, his death didn’t consume him. He allowed himself to have some responsibility and at points even had long term girlfriends.

The last time I saw Tom alive he kissed me and said he was gonna come pick me up on the motorcycle and take me to dinner. He said he would call me in a few days. I never got the call! Instead I got a call from one of our friends telling me that he was riding his motorcycle down 85 (In GA) around 3 am with some of his buddies and he wrecked and was dead. He was killed instantly! I can never put into words the feelings that went through me! NEVER!!  On the way to the funeral home I remember thinking Fuck them… He lived the way he wanted and died the way he wanted! Fuck Them… he lived to be 26… Fuck Them… Fuck Them… what do they know!!! Fuck them… He died INSTANTLY instead of suffocating for weeks…. YEAH FUCK THEM!!!  But my favorite part of this story is getting to the funeral home and talking to his best friend and partner in crime… He said, “You may not wanna go in there just yet I think a fight is getting ready to break out.” Shocked, I ask, “Why?”.  He replied with a smirk on his face and cigarette hanging from his mouth, “There are 3 women in there claiming to be his fiance!” I have never laughed so hard at a funeral in my life! That was SO TOM!!!! I steered clear of the 3 “widows” and make my condolences to his mother, touched his coffin and left in tears!

Tom Got busy livin while he had the opportunity and got busy dyin on his terms… I consider myself lucky to know him… Yes KNOW him. I know he is with me writing this because I am remember things long forgotten. Silly conversations and crazy kid stuff! Tears are freely flowing and I am kicking myself for not having stock in Kleenex right now! I know he still loves me! Every single reading I have ever had he has came through and in true Tom Bivens style he even pops in when I least expect it…Always announcing  himself with the smell of cigarette smoke!

Tom’s message to the world is GET BUSY LIVIN…. What do you have to lose? Most of us have not been told we would die every year since we were 2… But I bet if I told you that you would die in a motorcycle accident next week you would make time to do all the things you have wanted to do. You would leave that abusive spouse, you would move to the state you really wanted to live in, you would stop rushing around and you would find the time to dance in the rain!!!  Ok… so I am saying it… YOU ARE GONNA DIE! One day, you will die and you can’t control that…  but you can control how you live! So live well my friends… Love with all your heart, Kiss your loved ones often, and truly feel all the wonder that the world has to offer!

Thank you Tom for helping me write this, making me cry and laugh at the same time…. But mostly, Thank you for being my friend, in life and death, and for constantly reminding me the meaning of truly LIVING!

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Most of us are scared to death of the “C” Word…. Not Cancer, CHANGE…. I am just as guilty of that as anyone else…

I am sitting at my desk, knowing that I have some tremendous changes coming up and I am dreading every single one. Mostly because I know that some of them will be very uncomfortable for me. Don’t we just always cringe when we are forced out of our comfort zone? I know I am… and there have been days that I have chosen some silly distraction so that I will not have to deal with it… Today I know I should be taking  pictures of my crystals and tarot cards to add to my online store and I have found every single excuse in the world to keep me from picking up that camera? Why? Hmmm now isn’t that the question of the day? But I really know why. I am not even fooling myself. I am terrified of change! Change makes us doubt ourselves and our purpose. I am terrified that I will be more than a word of mouth psychic medium. I am scared that I will actually become very busy and will not have time for the silly distractions that have prevented my picture taking today. I am scared to change my behind the scenes status and really put myself out there. I am scared of rejection.   Awwww… it feels amazing to get that all out! And I am sure that I am just scratching the surface of all the factors that will change in my life!

Change is Growth.. Change is New Life.. Change is Clean.. And Change is….. ESSENTIAL.

So here it goes. I am welcoming the winds of change to blow through my life. I invite change to whip my hair around and create a beautiful masterpiece that I am happy to see in the mirror. Change, please blow away all the things in my life that I am holding on to that no longer serve my highest purpose and release those unhealthy attachments with ease and grace. I welcome you.

In January my entire world changed and I decided to see my life in a new way. I have worked on the healing and I have stood in the face of the storm… Now that I have gotten that out of the way…. I invite you all to visit my online store at (click here –>) http://thirdeyegifts.ecrater.com/

If this is not motivation, I don’t know what is. I am ready for this change! I am ready to be the independent woman that I know I am!

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The Pop Quiz

Life is school and sometimes the tests SUCK!!! Especially the pop quizzes…. But after every life lesson, there is indeed a test and it is up to you whether you pass or fail…. I am happy to report that I had just such a lesson yesterday and I passed with flying colors! Of course the perfect teacher was presented and I was ready to truly encompass the full scope of the lesson. I am not saying that it was easy. I am not saying it was fun, as a matter of fact I spent the night crying with release. What I am saying is that it was SOOOOO worth it!!

The lesson I learned last night was about how I love and value myself. Given the opportunity, many people will take advantage of a kind and giving heart. They will especially take advantage of someone that does not value themselves. Its not that they mean to take advantage, its simply that they do not understand what a gift you are…. At least they don’t understand until you do! But once you have learned the lesson and recognize that what you are seeing is a test from Spirit asking you, “Are you just saying the words or do you really believe it?” Then you can truly say that you have passed or failed the test. You will truly know if you believe the words you are saying or if you are still faking it!

I am no longer faking it till I make it because I HAVE MADE IT!! Whooo Whooo… I’m going to Disney Land!



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Its the little things in life that can give us the most pleasure…. And so often we forget that. Today, I want to remember all the little things that have brought me enormous pleasure….

Last week I got a call from a friend asking me to go to lunch to which I happily agreed… When we sat down she handed me a gift bag. It was not my birthday, or any other special occasion so I was kinda confused but I love gifts and understand that a gift should never be refused…. Ever heard the saying that it is better to give than receive? It is just as important to make sure that when you are presented with a gift that you open yourself to receive it!

After lunch I opened the bag while my friend told her story of why she was giving the gift. Inside the bag was a bright blue hand crafted journal with a frosted mirror and a shiny fairy etched inside…. She said that she had visited a medium in another town about a year ago that told her that she would meet me and the week before she was back in that town and saw the medium again. During conversation with the medium my friend relayed that everything that had been predicted the year before, as unlikely as it was, had come to pass. She ask the medium what gift she thought would be appropriate and was told to let Spirit guide her.

For weeks Spirit had been telling me to write… write, write,, write… just get it out and on paper.. My friend didn’t know this… So when she handed me that journal, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that now was the time… No more delays, just write… The journal now has a place of honor on my desk, the mirror staring me in the face reminding me that my life is a mirror of what I am putting out there! I a not sure that I can actually write in that journal because it is so beautiful to me, so I will let Spirit guide me as to where I am supposed to write….

So my beautiful friend… THANK YOU for listening to Spirit and providing me the mirror that I need! I LOVE YOU!

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