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What has happened to the truth? I have looked everywhere for it and it appears to have disappeared. Maybe it has run away to some tropical island with Common Sense and Respect? I can not foresee their return! How unfortunate for us!

It seems in this digital world it is far too easy to hide behind your computer or phone or whatever device has your attention at the moment. It appears to me that people sit behind their computer, don’t like what they really see in themselves and decide to change it, but only in the digital world. It is much easier to pretend that you are a genuine, nice person in type and text because really, who knows the real truth? Until you have to TELL the real truth that is! Or worse yet… Show the truth!

And the rules have totally changed too! When you are speaking to someone either in person or on the phone, it is polite, common and expected that when you leave or hang up a farewell greeting is given. It is considered rude if the greeting is not given.. We have all had someone hang up the phone on us… and it was usually because they were angry at us, right?  So what does it mean when the person you’re communicating with  via email, text, or social media  does not reply? It seems common place now to just stop replying leaving the other person wondering if they have said something that offended or if the non replying party is simply busy. Basically they are wondering why the obligatory farewell greeting is not given. It feels like the equivalent of someone hanging the phone up on them.

People this is just rude!! Use your manners!! PLEASE! Unless of course you were never taught manners… in that case… carry on, some where far far away from me!

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