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I am always amazed when I hear Spiritual people trying to mask their true emotions or pretend that they have no emotions at all. Or worse yet deny any negative emotion! They show happiness all the time on the outside but you never really know how they feel on the inside…. How is it that you get to that point? No emotions, no attachments, no anger, no “negative” emotion at all??? REALLY???? How??? And the bigger question is WHY? Why would you deny how you truly feel? If someone says something that hurts your feelings, you are entitled to feel any way that you do… We are after all humans. We made a choice to come here! And in coming here, we also made a choice to have emotions. Negative emotions have their place just as positive emotions. As a matter of fact, I feel like we learn more valuable lessons from the negative emotions.

Before we come here we know what lessons we need to learn.
I have even hear people say “Stop spinning the story” What they are really saying is, “Your story is not important. I can’t deal with your negative emotions” Your negative emotions remind them that they are trying to cover up their own! The story is important, especially if it is your story! There is healing in the story, so don’t place judgment on the story, focus on how you can help heal the story! The lesson is IN THE STORY!
As Spiritual people, how can we help anyone else if we hide our emotions behind happiness? Our own “misery” helps others deal with their story.
Masking your emotions is hiding! When you forget how important “negative” emotions are then you have stopped growing and learning.. Why are you still on the earth plane if you don’t want to grow anymore?
It is only when those negative emotions over run your life and you close yourself off to others and to love that you know you have disconnected from Source. Shutting down causes separation, anger, depression and even hatred. At this point, nothing will make you happy so spinning a story is all you have left! But even then, once you have heard the story and have a better understanding of where the pain is coming from, hopefully you will be able to help guide them back to God Light! And that’s what its all about… People will relate to you when you are on their level… Masking your emotions can place you in a position of ego. When your portray yourself as completely enlightened you are placing yourself above the common people. And at that point, you have lost touch with your human side.
Love and happiness are wonderful feelings but they are not the only feelings. Everything has balance, even our emotions… For every feeling of happiness, there is sadness. If you have never had extreme sadness, you can not experience complete happiness.
Get back into the classroom called earth and experience LIFE with all its emotions!

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