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Just recently I had the most bizarre learning experience. It was so profound that I felt the need to share. This experience can happen to anyone if we are not aware.. There are many levels of learning here so please feel free to take the information that you need and learn from it as well! You may even be binding someone and not even know it!

So lets start from the beginning… I became friends with someone that I liked but it seemed that no one else liked.. To me, this person was fun and free and represented all that my life was not. Not that my life is bad by any stretch of the imagination.. But it is indeed filled with tremendous responsibilities. This was my time to have fun and let my hair down! But not 1 of my friends liked my new friend. I just could not understand it. I just didn’t get the bad vibes that they did… Why???

My best friends were warning me, Spirit was warning me but I could not see what they were seeing… even though I did see some things that I didn’t like, they didn’t seem that big to me. Even though my brain told me that they were BIG… My gut just didn’t seem that concerned! My gut told me that I was just having fun and like any true addict, I thought I would quit this friendship at any time… boy how wrong I was… BECAUSE I WAS ENERGETICALLY BOUND!!!

You see, one of my very best friends, that is really more like a sister to me bound me… She didn’t intend to harm me, she was trying to protect me… But her prayer for my safety was backwards.. She prayed for protection of my heart and for me. She didn’t realize that her thoughts and prayers for my safety were essentially binding me up energetically.. and having the opposite effect than what she intended..

Thoughts and prayers are very powerful. You can either limit yourself with them or free yourself with them. Most people have never been taught to pray the correct way.. We always ask for what we think we want but really have no clue that we could have so much more if we put no limits on it… If you ask for the thing that you want most but don’t know that there is a bigger better version of it out there then you are limiting you self severely! Ex: You see a bike in the ad paper and decide you want that bike and it appears to be in your price range, that is where you set your sites. So every night you pray this simple prayer,”Please bring me enough money for this specific bike.”: You are limiting yourself. You may get the money and essentially get the bike not knowing that you could have had more. If your prayer is, “I have seen a bike that I like and I desire to get my body into shape by bike riding, please open all doors and avenues for a bike to come into my world. This is happening now and I trust that my highest good will be met. So Mote it Be!” Do you see the difference?

So when you pray for someone’s protection, your prayer should be: “Please keep all harm and danger away from (whomever). Surround them with God’s Holy Light and Please allow them to clearly see what they need to see for their highest good. Clear any and all obstructions from their field so they can make decisions for their highest good. I ask this with the highest Soul Love and remove my own desires from this prayer so that (whomever) may learn their lessons in life.” My friends prayer was more along the lines of: “Please protect my friend from this other person, and protect her from making a huge mistake. Protect her heart from being hurt”. Because I love my friend, and we both had enormous lessons to learn from this, my soul allowed the binding. Her fear for me effectively bound my solar plex so that I did not feel the bad vibes… Her intention was to bind my heart. But because she said the prayer from a place of fear for my safety it bound my solar plex. (There is a lesson Y’all…. Learn it and learn it well… NEVER say a prayer for anyone from a place of fear… You do not always know what the other person needs to learn!)

It took the sight of another friend that is an incredible medium and energy worker, not to mention a bad ass demon slayer, to see the binding.. She saw where it came from and saw how it was effecting my judgement. This information helped me to release the binding. Once the binding was released, I could then see my new friend just as every one else did… Not for my highest good! This person has now been effectively banned from my life…because I now see their true face and true intentions! I now see what everyone was trying to tell me!!

I tell this story so that I can help other people learn how to pray with the correct intent and for the highest good… ALWAYS! My prayer is that you read this with an open heart and that when you pray, even for yourself, that you do not limit yourself in any way.


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