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As most of you know… I LOVE STONES…. so much so that they cover every surface in my home and are in every room! So much so that I have incorporated them into my work and never leave home without at least one!

Recently I have been using green tourmaline a lot… This is an incredible little stone that immediately opens the heart chakra like few stones can… It is very rare and is usually found in quartz matrix. I am finding that quarts helps me see what needs to be released and what I need to hold on to… I have found that if I put it next to my be before I go to sleep that I will sleep so soundly… Green Tourmaline is very protective just like Black Tourmaline. But I’m finding that Green Tourmaline concentrates more on the ¬†Protection of the Heart Chakra. And lets face it… we all have times when we need to protect our heart. When using Green Tourmaline as a sword to cut cords I find that the quartz immediately helps the chakra and aura heal, filling it with beautiful light.

Crystals are so individual and intuitively we will know which stone will help with our issue. There is a ton of information about the stones healing properties but I believe that the crystal will tell us where and how it should be used with us if we listen.


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