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And its big and its frightening but its here and its live! Everything has to begin somewhere and my online store is no exception! As most of you know, I had a retail store that I closed down last year. Looking back, I know the real reason I closed it…. I was terrified that I couldn’t support myself and 2 children with the expenses of a store. I chickened out! Plain and simple.. Yes, that makes me sad but at the same time, it was extremely important that I close down all the old energy that no longer served me and begin with fresh intent and renewed energy… This past year has be very healing and I now understand and embrace my own strength.

Sometime in late August or early September, I started getting the “retail store bug” again. One day in meditation, Spirit said, “You will have your store in November.” So I kept my eye out for a new retail space. I took down phone numbers and even called on a few but I never had the motivation to even go look on the inside of them. Nothing “felt” right… Until… I decided that I needed my own website.. I would still utilize other sites such as Etsy but I needed a place for my products. A place that I could play by my own rules an a place that I could call home… So I contacted a good friend of mine and we got it set up. If you have ever built your own website, you know all the long hours and headaches involved! And I have had plenty, but for the most part, I’m like a kid with a new toy! I’m excited every day to get up and “go to work”! I’m enjoying the creative process again and I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!

A few days ago I was in meditation and Spirit said, “So how do you like your new store?” It was like a brick landed in my lap! This was my new store! And it was the beginning of November! My reply, “I’m so totally in love with it! Its the perfect Space for me! Thank You Spirit for showing me the way!” I hope you will take a moment to visit! I’m adding new items everyday and so far, I’m very blessed with orders! So please, go take a look! We have hand made items, crystals, Orgone, and you can even order tarot readings and mediumship readings there! I have plans to add a few new sections but as the title suggests… And so it begins!   …  https://3rdeyegifts.com/

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This Girl is AMAZING!!! Check it out!

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My first Tarot book (second book overall) is now available on amazon.com for Kindle

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#PeaceTarot is both a how-to guide and a collection of Daily Tarot Meditations. Written by the author of “Modern Oracle Tarot” blog, this guided thought-for-the-day exercise brings Tarot out of the dark ages and applies the cards to modern times and current events. Violent news is around us almost every day. #PeaceTarot’s daily meditations can help us find a moment of calm in our day, and with practice, help us to find a more Peaceful frame of mine without ever drawing a card. Short, practical and written for everyone, this guide can be used by anyone – no experience or “psychic ability” required. #PeaceTarot shows you how to use modern playing cards, even ordinary pencil and paper to find your daily Tarot mediation, so you…

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