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Carnelian is a form of Agate and is a powerful Sacral Chakra stone. It is a calming stone and when used in meditation it can clear your Sacral Chakra, allowing your soul’s voice to be heard clearly. Carnelian can boost creativity and will enhance courage while grounding your energy back to the earth, helping to focus on the unconditional love of the universe! Carnelian can dispel anger and will allow you to see what inspires your soul. Carnelian

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Celestite or Celestine is a very calming stone with an extremely high vibration. Use this amazing stone to connect with Angels, guides and your higher self. Celestite has been called “Teacher of the New Age” since it connects to the Angelic Realms working with the Throat Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra to bring inner peace and harmony while enhancing your connection to the Divine.

Celestite can help relieve anxiety, stress and obsessive behaviors as it works with the Crown and the 3rd Eye Chakra. Use during meditations to help find and maintain inner peace, harmony and balance. Have a piece if you have to speak in front of a crowd or speak to someone about a delicate matter as celestite gives courage and can activate the Throat Chakra for effective communication.

This is a must have stone for Reiki Practitioners and students alike. The Healing properties of Celestite can reduce stress, heighten intuition and foster a deep meditative state. Sleeping with Celestite next to your bed will enhance prophetic dreams and information received will be available for recall with perfect clarity. *only recommend for 3 or less nights in a row*

Celestite is very fragile and should be handled with care. Do not leave in the sun as the colors will fade. Recharge by putting stone in a drawer or secluded place for 48 hours. Celestite

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