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As a healer, most of my friends are healers. That being said, sometimes no matter how much work we do on ourselves we just can not get to the core of the issue to clear or heal it. We can’t see the issue because it is personal, part of our journey and way too close to the vest. Sometimes we unconsciously stand against a wall not realizing that we have even hit it much less that we have to back up and go a different direction. And we CERTAINLY can’t figure out how get ourselves turned around!

That’s where our friends come in… with a little push from Spirit! So Monday I was doing my typical morning routine, getting the kids out the door, straightening up and getting ready for my day. Nothing out of the ordinary except I kept thinking about my friend Linda Backes. Just a flutter across the brain. I was thinking about our recent conversations where we were sharing some personal issues that had not only affected our lives but our businesses. I continued my routine until I felt Spirit “push” me. I had an overwhelming urge to call her, it felt as if she were telepathically reaching out for me. So I stopped what I was doing and picked up the phone. I told her of my experience and she said that she had just been thinking about me too and the tragic loss of one of my daughters friends.

Somewhere in the conversation she offered a DNA activation. I immediately accepted and we set a time.. The irony is I was the 1st person she ever gave the original DNA activation to when Spirit 1st presented it to her. It was powerful then and even more so this time as a second step has been added!

The new DNA activation includes clearing cords not only to past life events but it cuts the ties of what is holding you back in this life! It clears the energetic “muck” of everyday life. It has been 2 days since the activation and I am seeing where my energy blocks were and how they have been removed! The physical release of pent up emotions and past life issues has been ASTOUNDING! I have more energy and more desire to work and start living life again.

During the activation I felt a release in my sacral chakra that left me in tears! I had been holding onto a past life issue that was so fully and completely released that I actually felt empty. I saw the most amazing colors and the energy was washing over me! After the mediation, I called her and we shared our visions. (I choose not to share what I saw for myself or what she saw as it is my own private journey, but I will say that afterwards I understood a lot of what I had been missing!)

Today, I was coming home from the gym and the song “Brave” came on the radio. I heard this song throughout the activation so I turned it up and started singing. My heart chakra opened so fully that I felt like an elephant had just got up off of my chest. I burst into tears and had to pull the car over. The release was so complete. I felt total relaxation in my chest muscles. I didn’t even realize how much tension I was holding there!

I have a 28 day clearing period. Linda said the 1st 3 days were the most intense and I have to emphatically agree! LOL.

I know Linda and I were both blessed by this process. It has help each of us find balance and connection that had been clouded by life experiences… And I thought I was calling to help her! We were called to help each other!

Thank you for reading my story. If you would like your own Genesis Code and DNA Activation, please contact Linda Backes via her website or by phone.




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Growing up in the South and in a Southern Baptist church Sin and Guilt were words that I heard almost every Sunday and Wednesday! I accepted them as my fate as most of the people in the pews beside me. Those words terrified me because it was always implied that I (we) were guilty of some sin that we needed to be redeemed for, or worse, that we would go to Hell for committing! What I now know is that the words Guilt and Sin are the same words, used in the same manner to keep us doing what the church wants us to do. Don’t believe me? Use the words Guilt or Sin in a positive way.

In all the world, there is balance. Day fades into Night, Earth meets Heaven, plants live above and below. Even names have balance: Daniel for a male is Danielle for a female. For every positive, there is a negative and vise versa. However, neither of these words are not capable of being used in a  positive manner. There is no balance here.

Per Webster:

Definition of SIN


a : an offense against religious or moral law

b : an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible <it’s a sin to waste food>

c : an often serious shortcoming : fault


a : transgression of the law of God

b : a vitiated state of human nature in which the self is estranged from God


 noun \ˈgilt\

: the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penalty; broadly : guiltyconduct
a: the state of one who has committed an offense especially consciously
See… same meaning, different word used with the intent of making you feel as if you are not good enough, or have not used good judgement. But did you ever think that the only reason that anyone would label you as guilty or sinful is to keep you doing what THEY want you to do? To keep you walking on a path that may not be right for you!
Just for a fun mind tease, take those 2 words out of your vocabulary… What would you do if you would not be labeled “guilty” or “sinful”?
Doesn’t that feel better? What would you do if you didn’t feel it was a sin?
Just something to ponder!

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