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With Valentines Day right around the corner, women around the world are looking at jewelry, specifically diamonds! While men all around the world are CLUELESS about what to get and what message they will send with their gift.

Chocolates are always a good gift but if you love me, give me Emeralds!!! Now girls… before you get all up in arms, hear me out! This is important. Diamonds are beautiful. They come in a variety of colors and clarities. I’m so glad that the most common diamond, the brown diamond, is now being adored because it was previously only used for industrial purposes! However, when a man gives me a gemstone I WANT AN EMERALD! Why??? Well lots of reasons!!! The first being that Emerald is the stone of successful love! And who DOESN’T want that???

So lets do a little comparison on the metaphysical properties of the emerald verses the diamond.

Lets start with the diamond.. they are beautiful, that can never be disputed! They are tough and can withstand anything (that’s why they’re used to make drill bits!). You would think that would make them the perfect ring for a marriage.. and you would be wrong… but not totally wrong. Diamonds can symbolize wealth and abundance (who doesn’t want that in their marriage) and it can help amplify the energy of stones around it. This all sounds great right? But diamonds are aggressive stones and the ultimate energy amplifier. Which means they will amplify and can project negativity in a relationship. Diamonds are often called the “Stone of Invincibility”. If you and your partner are working as an invincible team then this stone is fabulous but if you’re both wearing diamonds you could be hitting your head against a brick wall.

Since diamonds are such great amplifiers of energy it would be easy to absorb negative thoughts and feeling from others and send them back out! So, you’ve just had a fight with your partner right before work. You leave the house, slamming the door behind you not realizing that your diamond ring has just retained all of that energy and there is a high likelihood that you will send those negative feeling out into your work place. When working with diamond energy, it’s very important to maintain positive thoughts. Who can always do that?

Now for the emerald.. Can you tell that I love this stone? I love working with this stone and the positive energy that it brings. It’s a stone that is all about LOVE! It vibrates love. It amplifies love and it attracts love! It is called the “Stone of Successful Love” after all! It is green so it amplifies and works with the heart chakra and helps you “see” most situations from your heart and not your ego.

Emeralds can also bring understanding to misunderstandings allowing you to maintain loving energy even when your partner is break dancing on your very last nerve. Emeralds can help you release the negativity and amplify positive outcomes! This stone brings abundance in all areas of your life. It attracts your hearts desires so if you’re looking for monetary wealth, emerald can help you achieve it!

Emerald can also attract and amplify compassion, loyalty, kindness, hope and unconditional love! Who doesn’t want that in their marriage!

If you still want a diamond engagement ring you may want to consider accenting it with emerald to neutralize some of the harsh, aggressive energy from a diamond. If your focus and intent is to create a strong, loving, stable, invincible marriage  and you decide to use a diamond for that reason, please make sure you clear the energy regularly. You won’t have to “charge” it but you don’t want negative energy sticking to the symbol of your love!

You may also choose to wear other Emerald jewelry to counter this, Click Emerald to see some beautiful pieces with raw emeralds. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Shopping!

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