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5 Reasons to Have a Psychic Party

Have you been thinking about having a psychic party but you’re really not sure how it works?  What would you have to do to have a party?  And who would you invite?

Let’s discuss that now!

1: Because its FUN! Everyone at your psychic party will get a private 20 minute reading and they can discuss what came up with their friends. While one person is having their reading, everyone else is socializing until its their turn. It is a comfortable environment. As humans, we feel safer experiencing new things in places that are familiar to us. And we feel better if we can share an event with our friends.

2: It takes the mystery out of a psychic reading. A lot of people are nervous the 1st time they get a psychic or mediumship reading. They don’t know what to expect and don’t want to hear anything negative. I’ve got great news! No reputable Medium or Psychic will EVER tell you anything negative. That doesn’t mean that your life is roses! It means that our job is to help you clearly see the path you’re supposed to be on. Imagine it like GPS. There was a time when you needed a paper map to get to an unfamiliar destination. You only saw the roads, no landmarks and certainly no one telling you that your turn was in 1/2 mile. A reading is like GPS today. You may be told what is coming up or you may be told that you need to make a safe and legal U-turn.

3: The hostess gets a free reading if she has at least 6 guests at her psychic party! Not to mention a super fun night with the girls!

4: As a hostess, all of the entertainment is provided for you guests. Whether you are hosting a Bridal Shower, family get together, baby shower, holiday party, friends visiting from out of town or just a girls night in, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

5: Did you see how much FUN you will have??? Not only will you and all of you guest have a great time, you may get to visit with a loved on that has crossed over! You may find direction with a decision you have been sitting on or see a path that you hadn’t seen before!


So what are  you waiting for??? Book your party today!! Call me if you have additional questions and to discuss available dates!


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