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People Stop this madness!!! What is wrong with you all…. I am pissed and I have a very good reason! My facebook page is swamped with “news” about the lady that supposedly allowed her child to go to a tanning bed.

Here is the latest post about her:  http://www.tmz.com/2012/05/03/tanning-mom-patricia-krentcil-video/?adid=hero1

This morning on the Bob and Sheri fan page that ask for opinions about this and I was completely disgusted how the people were judging someone that 1st of all they don’t know and 2nd of all someone that has not been proven to do anything wrong.

Since those posters on FB made their opinions known to thousands of people, I feel the need to include some of them here, obviously omitting their names but if you are interested in their names, I will also make a link so you can see them for yourself!

I have copied the entire comments list and deleted all of the names but here is the link if you want to see it for yourself: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bob-Sheri/10646502195

  • Wow…not only is she baking herself to death in a tanning bed, endangering her daughter, but she is CLEARLY drunk or on something!

     She seemed drunk to me. She slurred her words.
  •  Like ‎”Tanning Mom” looks ridiculous! Whether she actually let the kid tan or not, she is an unhealthy example for her children.
  •  She looks like a witch…
  •  She looks horrid! How can she think she is attractive?

  • She’s a ROASTED NUT!!!!
  •  She looks like a leather belt. Thank God she’s not from Florida..LOL
  •  Amen Sara! That’s what I’ve been saying. There’s clearly an issue here if she can’t make proper judgement for herself let aline her child. The woman needs mental help & I’m not saying that to be mean.
  •  She appears to be drunk or strung out on drugs to make it even worse!
  • She looks like a blonde Al Jolson.
  •  No she is part of a pack of sausage links… And now her brain is fried…sad that she can’t see the danger.. And what a sad example of being an addict (being whatever it is) that she is showing her daughter.
  •  And her husband supportss this habit! She seriously needs help….and to clean her mirros
  •  she is fugly ugly this woman needs a life, job, common sense something ugh I can’t look at her….my eyes my eyes
  •  Bless her heart….she looks well done! I think it is time to rethink the tanning bed…it appears she has cooked her brain as well by her slurred speech and leaning stance!
  •  Some people shouldn’t procreate.
  •  what a moron
  •  No sweetie you’re the victim of self abuse.My guess is you have unresolved childhood issues<<<my nice version…that being said….you look like a walking jar of NUTella…gross gross gross.
  • Fried and ReFried….please step out of the oven ..you are Done!
  •  also….what is up with the black line on the bottom lip???
  •  Molly…its probably her lip starting to rot off…cooked meat eventually rots.
  •  Ian surprised she is still alive!
  •  You just can’t fix stupid.
  •  I’m jealous…i can never get the Thanksgiving turkey to be so browned. Wonder how she marinades herself?!
  •  Shed not drunk …the tanning bed fried her brain!
  •  She is addicted to tanning, she really needs counseling. But her looks aren’t what’s important, it rather or not she endangered her child, but from videos on the news the child seems fine. Since this hit the big time news maybe people need to take a closer look at toddlers and tiaras I’m pretty sure those parents do a lot worse to their kids. Just sayin
  •  this woman needs major help
  • Diana Joy These comments are incredible. None of you know this woman and neither do I. But you would probably have a few drinks too if you were living in your own world, minding your own business and something very innocent like a childs sunburn got you arrested and thrown into the media spot light for the world to judge you based on your right to go to a tanning bed. The fact is that it has not been proven that this child was in a tanning bed and if it were proven then the tanning bed owner should be arrested too! My child has had a sunburn and I have not been arrested for it! Who cares if this woman wants to be this dark… It is really no one’s business. It is sad that people have said horrible things about her. Does it make you feel better about yourself? I certainly hope so!

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  • Diana Joy Allowing this attack on this woman only opens the door of acceptance for it to happen to any one of you. Think before you speak
    I have left my profile pic so that you can see my comments…
    THIS IS BULLYING!!! Everyone jumps on the “Bully Banwagon” and wants to stand up and say, “I WOULD NEVER BULLY ANYONE” You people should be ashamed of your selves! What if this happened to you? What has happened to love and compassion and hearing the full story before you judge someone else? I am so angry that I could spit nails right now… How in the hell did this ever become news worthy? More importantly, this is opening a door for us all to be persecuted in the media with no proof! All we really know is that her child got a sunburn and told her teacher her version of events… I know my child has had a sunburn. Does that make me a bad mother? Even if you judge me as a bad parent, does that mean that I should be arrested for my son having a sun burn? I also know that my child has given the events as he remembers but when you add the adult version of events, the entire story looks different!
    If you don’t know the whole story, then DO NOT judge! The people that made these post should be very ashamed! And I hope they are!

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What has happened to the truth? I have looked everywhere for it and it appears to have disappeared. Maybe it has run away to some tropical island with Common Sense and Respect? I can not foresee their return! How unfortunate for us!

It seems in this digital world it is far too easy to hide behind your computer or phone or whatever device has your attention at the moment. It appears to me that people sit behind their computer, don’t like what they really see in themselves and decide to change it, but only in the digital world. It is much easier to pretend that you are a genuine, nice person in type and text because really, who knows the real truth? Until you have to TELL the real truth that is! Or worse yet… Show the truth!

And the rules have totally changed too! When you are speaking to someone either in person or on the phone, it is polite, common and expected that when you leave or hang up a farewell greeting is given. It is considered rude if the greeting is not given.. We have all had someone hang up the phone on us… and it was usually because they were angry at us, right?  So what does it mean when the person you’re communicating with  via email, text, or social media  does not reply? It seems common place now to just stop replying leaving the other person wondering if they have said something that offended or if the non replying party is simply busy. Basically they are wondering why the obligatory farewell greeting is not given. It feels like the equivalent of someone hanging the phone up on them.

People this is just rude!! Use your manners!! PLEASE! Unless of course you were never taught manners… in that case… carry on, some where far far away from me!

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