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King of cupss

Today’s Tarot cards… I was instructed to pull 2 today… Hmmmm… it seems that there is a lot going on…
The 1st card I pulled is the King of Cups reversed. He is telling us that we need to keep our emotions in check today, there is a lot of energy flying at us that we will have to deal with calmly. Keep your emotions balanced and remember that sometimes other people’s issues have nothing to do with you and you don’t have to take them personally.
The next card I pulled is the 4 of Staves (Wands)… As long as we can keep our emotions in check today is a day of celebration! A day where all your hard work has finally paid off. I am also being told that if you have been making a plan in your head or on paper that today is the perfect day to test out those theories… just remember, this is a test so keep your emotions balanced!

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This is a beautiful Smokey Quartz that I have for sale in my store. I absolutely love this egg… (who am I kidding, I love all my crystals) and you can tell how much I love it by the way it feels… The crystal just vibrates positive energy and protection! Smokey Quartz is a must have in any collection of crystals and it has many metaphysical uses and healing qualities.

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone that will  Transmute negativity or negative energy allowing you to clearly see what you want and what you want to achieve. It is a must have in the office for concentration and fostering creativity.
This stone is incredibly Calming can be used to calm panic attacks!  If you will be in a high stress situation, this is the must have stone. It will bring you into harmony and can  calm others around you!  Making this stone valuable as a  Protection amulet that may be used as a shield to ward off psychic attack.
One of my favorite uses for this stone is during meditation as it can clear the mind for clearer understanding and gently release any negative thoughts that may arise. While in meditation you can focus on your Relationships and it will enhance them clearing emotional debris and releasing fear. In addition, Smokey Quartz can also help you to ground and protect during meditation.

Medical Uses (Information contained here does not negate medical advice but may enhance medical treatment.)

Smokey Quartz works with the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra so it is very effective when used for menstrual cramps, lower back pain,  digestion, hip pain and leg cramps.  Smokey Quartz will benefit the reproductive system, the heart, muscles and nerve tissue allowing you to release any negative energy that may be trapped there. For quick relief, add your smokey quartz  to your sea salt bath. It will instantly charge the water with wonderful vibrations!

How to clean and care for your Smokey Quartz:

Since Smokey Quartz is a hard crystal the best way to cleanse it is with a saltwater bath. I recommend sea salt but I have used Kosher Salt in a pinch. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold and that you use filtered or distilled water if possible. Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for each cup of water and leave overnight. You may add more if you feel the need to do so, this is just a rough example.

Moon bathing is a wonderful way to recharge and energetically clear your stones. This works best during a full moon! Simply put outside and retrieve them the next morning. Be careful leaving Smokey Quartz in the sunlight for too long as it may fade.

For harder crystals, it is also Ok to simply cover them dry in salt and leave them over night. Rinse the next day and feel the love!

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Unless you are not human, you have invisible cords connected to your aura and/or physical body. People have different names for the cords and use terms such as, attachments or bonds. Whatever you call them they are there. People who have experienced out of body mediation’sor near death experiences have reported seeing a silver cord connecting their spirit to their physical body. When a baby is born, it is connected to its mother by a cord.

The cords I am speaking about are the cords that keep us connected to an experience, event or people. They are invisible but there none the less. Even when we break from the physical person or event, sometimes we still hold on to the cord. Feeling that if we cut it, we loose the attachment or memory. While there are some cords that we want to keep, there are others that continue to cause us pain; physical and emotional. These are the ones that need to be let go of. While it would seem easy, sometimes it is not.
Recently, I have been feeling the need to let go of past issues. There was one event in my life that I knew still caused me tremendous pain and my guides told me that now was the time to let it go. While doing some spiritual work with a dear friend of mine I ask for her assistance with this. Not really understanding why only knowing that I should.
We went into meditation and she channeled the most helpful and powerful cord cutting I have ever experience. The results have been both physical and emotional. She has also been guided to channel healing Energetic Portals and I have included the link at the bottom of this message. If you do this meditation, please visit the Fire Portal for assistance and if you keep reading, you will understand why. Below is the mediation as I remember it:
We begin by calling in our guides, Arch Angels, Jesus, Mary and the Ascended Masters asking them for support and guidance. See yourself inside a circle of golden, purple fire. Open all of your Chakras and feel the healing light radiate throughout your entire being. Feeling the love and support from the other side and seeing yourself as a light being. Bring in the person or event that you need to separate from. Honestly tell them how you feel, release all attachment and forgive yourself and the event or person. Send the person or event love and ask that the fire burn away what no longer serves your higher self. Sending this healing back into past lives if you need to, sending it across time and space. When you feel you are finished, release the person from the circle. See yourself standing alone there, feeling the healing warmth of the fire and allowing the cord to that event or person to be burned. When you are ready, see the flames lowering knowing that you are safe and supported.
This can be a very short meditation or it can be as long as you need it. You can even do multiple events!
After doing this meditation I have had various physical and emotional symptoms. My spirit feels very light and free but my body physically hurts where the cords were burned away. I am having hot and cold spells although my temperature has remained normal. I am extremely thirsty and feel no desire to eat. My lungs feel clear, yet I have a mild cough. My nose is running but my sinuses feel clear and I have a mild headache, much like the common cold, but at the same time I don’t feel sick. I have a burning down my esophagus like I could vomit but my body does not have to. While I am having physical symptoms, at the same time, I am not. I understand that this does not make a lot of sense, however, this is how I am feeling and I know it is because of all of the events and people that I have been releasing! It feels wonderful and crappy at the same time!!!!
I hope that you use this meditation and that it helps you as much as it has me!! Enjoy!
Please take a moment to visit the website of Linda Backes for the Fire Portal:
I wanted to update everyone on the past week since I have done this cord cutting… After speaking with Linda and describing my ongoing symptoms she thought to herself that this could not be right for them to last so long… After her meditation she called and told me that I was not finished but that she was not to help as this was a lesson for me to figure out… **big sigh** Thanks Spirit… so off I went into meditation… only to discover that while I had cut the cord to this event, someone was still connected to it… This was a 3 way cord from the event to me to this other person back to the event. Because I was still connected to the person, the cord was not completely severed. So I contacted the person and ask if they were willing to “Go There” with me… Thankfully They were agreeable….
After a long conversation filling in the blanks of things that I didn’t know, we went into meditation and severed their cord to the event! HHUUUUUHHHHH sweet relief! It was severed and healing balm was placed on both of our connect points. We reinforced our connection and the results have been miraculous!

Thank you Linda for helping me figure this out.

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