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What do you think of when you see this sign? Do you react differently, more respectfully? I know that I do… I want to protect the valuable contents that is wrapped in the package….When most people see the warning “Fragile”, they take extra precautions, knowing or at the very least hoping, that a true prize is hidden behind this sticker…  What we often forget is that our body is our packaging and that inside we are a priceless, fragile, breakable and EXTREMELY valuable! Not just some of us…. ALL OF US! We are all dealing with our own internal issues and at the same time dealing with every day life. Life can be traumatizing and painful but at the same time full of valuable lessons about our self and others…  The trauma can make us forget how precious truly living life can be!

Last week I was chatting with a new acquaintance about people being pushed to their limits  and how freeing it could be when someone just lets go and accepts more than they thought they were capable of accepting. This statement sent an ice cold rod of fear straight down the center of my very being.  It forced me to look at my inner self and I did not like what I saw! I was not pushing myself to any limits… I was guarding and protecting myself for fear that if anything in my world changed a hair that the priceless and extremely valuable glass vase inside myself, that is already cracked and traumatized  would completely shatter and I would be left on the floor in absolute pieces again…

Just like everyone else, I have been a package that was kicked around. Someone had shaken and cracked the precious cargo within never understanding how priceless the contents inside were. Never understanding the damage they were creating…. Leaving me to pick up the pieces and put myself back together. However, I have forgotten a very important element until that conversation… and that is gluing the cracks and sanding down the rough edges, filling in the remaining fractures with love, peace and happiness and making my vase solid again… Allowing my vase to hold love again… Knowing that the fractures and the cracks are the limits that I have already pushed myself to and in that statement is pure FREEDOM! My friend was correct…. there is Freedom in pushing yourself to the limits even when you are not sure what those limits are! There are priceless lessons in knowing your own worth and this conversation reminded me of mine!

It would be so easy if we all had this Fragile sticker posted above our heart as a reminder that at the center of our authentic self we just want someone to look at us and realize exactly how priceless, valuable and fragile we truly are and handle us with love and care.

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