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Its the little things in life that can give us the most pleasure…. And so often we forget that. Today, I want to remember all the little things that have brought me enormous pleasure….

Last week I got a call from a friend asking me to go to lunch to which I happily agreed… When we sat down she handed me a gift bag. It was not my birthday, or any other special occasion so I was kinda confused but I love gifts and understand that a gift should never be refused…. Ever heard the saying that it is better to give than receive? It is just as important to make sure that when you are presented with a gift that you open yourself to receive it!

After lunch I opened the bag while my friend told her story of why she was giving the gift. Inside the bag was a bright blue hand crafted journal with a frosted mirror and a shiny fairy etched inside…. She said that she had visited a medium in another town about a year ago that told her that she would meet me and the week before she was back in that town and saw the medium again. During conversation with the medium my friend relayed that everything that had been predicted the year before, as unlikely as it was, had come to pass. She ask the medium what gift she thought would be appropriate and was told to let Spirit guide her.

For weeks Spirit had been telling me to write… write, write,, write… just get it out and on paper.. My friend didn’t know this… So when she handed me that journal, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that now was the time… No more delays, just write… The journal now has a place of honor on my desk, the mirror staring me in the face reminding me that my life is a mirror of what I am putting out there! I a not sure that I can actually write in that journal because it is so beautiful to me, so I will let Spirit guide me as to where I am supposed to write….

So my beautiful friend… THANK YOU for listening to Spirit and providing me the mirror that I need! I LOVE YOU!

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